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About Us

Peak Financial Services, LLC is a nationally licensed and bonded debt collection agency with a combined 37 years of experience in commercial debt collection.

We are located in the beautiful city of Phoenix Arizona, and there is good reason our clients are happy about that.  The state of Arizona subjects collection agencies within its borders to stringent accounting and auditing procedures not required of most collection agencies in nearly any other states.  As required by Arizona law, our books and records are routinely reviewed by state banking auditors to insure full compliance with the law.    As a result, you can rest assured that your money is being handled by a trustworthy and dependable agency that remits payment to its clients every 15 days.  

Peak Financial is proud of its solid reputation with the state banking department and with our clients.  Most importantly, we want all our clients to feel secure in doing business with us and to know that they can count on us day after day, month after month, year after year.   

There is another very important factor that all clients should consider before selecting a collection agency.  Your company has worked hard to establish a good reputation in the industry, and you want to be assured that any company that represents you is going to maintain your good name. 

We believe that we are an extension of the standards and reputation of all companies we represent. Our goal is to provide the most effective, efficient, and profitable service for our clients, while protecting and encouraging continued relations between the client and their customers.

Our company focuses the same work ethic on each and every account.  We take pride in earning the respect and satisfaction of our clients, as well as the people and businesses we collect from.  We are persistent, efficient, and effective, but also fair with all of our contacts.  We work with each and every debtor to help them find a solution that they feel good about, a solution that satisfies both their needs and also the needs of our client. 


Utilizing the correct collection agency can significantly reduce your company’s losses and increase cash flow.   

Call anytime for more info.


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