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Our Advantage

Compare the ADVANTAGES that Peak Financial

has over other typical collection agencies:  


  • The collection agency of Peak Financial Services hires ONLY very skilled collection professionals with many years of debt collection and legal experience, so your accounts are handled by real debt collection PROS, not “telemarketer-collectors” used by other agencies.


  • We process each and every one of your collection accounts through a detailed search for addresses, telephone numbers, property ownership, source of income, relatives and family members that may have location and employment information about the debtor, and more, regardless of the account balance, so ALL your accounts are given top priority, not just the “high-balance” accounts.


  • Our clients are given full access to our collection system to place accounts online, view collection activity and payment history, check the status of accounts, and you can even enter your own notes to your accounts for our collectors to read and take action on.


  • We use ALL the information we develop to contact your customers at home or work, achieving a MUCH higher success rate than other agencies in recovering delinquent accounts. 


  • We invest in critical debt collection tools such as credit reports, informational databases, skiptrace telephone calls, letters to various other creditors, information sources, and government agencies to develop contact information on your “skip” customers in order to locate a current address or telephone number.


  • We do not "factory automate" the collection process that simply uses computer-generated letters and pre-recorded messages left on your customer’s answering machine.  Each of your accounts is specifically assigned to a skilled collection professional who will work the account from start to finish for maximum recovery.    


  • Our collection letters are custom tailored just for your debtor, detailing the customer's full legal name, SSN, property ownership, business ownership, sources of income, etc.  We do not use fill-in-the-blank computer-generated letters that only end up in your customer’s trash can.


  • Our telephone messages are NEVER computer-generated recordings.  Our calls are manually dialed by skilled collection professionals that know what to listen for, what to ask for, how to ask it, and how to obtain information from people answering the phone.  We know debt collection, we know what questions to ask and how, and we know how to leave a message that motivates your customer to call back right away.


  • We specialize in giving all your accounts the time, work effort, and results that you deserve, regardless how small or how large the balance.



We believe we can provide you with the service and results you are seeking in a debt

collection agency, and we look forward to working with you to help get you PAID.

Call anytime for more info.


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