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How We Do It

At Peak Financial Services, We Use an Effective


3-Step Process to Get You PAID FAST:





We learn a LOT more about your customer than you may already know.


Whether your customer is a business or an individual, or if all you have is an old address or a disconnected telephone number, we can locate your customer to GET YOU PAID.  Here is the process we start with:


  • A professional location and asset search of your customer;
  • A search for your customerís home address and telephone number;
  • Obtain your customerís full legal name and social security number;
  • We find other businesses or partnerships your customer may own;
  • Determine if your customer owns any property, houses or buildings;
  • We gather names, addresses, and telephone numbers of your customerís family, relatives, ex-spouses, and business associates from whom we obtain location and employment information about your customer;
  • A search to uncover other sources of income your customer may have;
  • All information is verified for accuracy.





We make a strong WRITTEN demand for immediate action.


We follow up our background investigation with a highly persuasive Demand Letter to your customer that incorporates the information gained from our search.  Written by experienced collection professionals, our letters are tailored for your customer, using the personís full legal name, Social Security Number, citing the person's property ownership, business ownership, and much more.  Our letters grab your customerís attention and get strong results.  




We CALL your customer to arrange for FULL PAYMENT. 



Finally, your customer is personally contacted on the telephone by one of our experienced collection experts that knows how to get the BALANCE IN FULL from your customer while still maintaining your company's image, so you get PAID Ė FAST.  Using the information developed in our background search, we clearly explain to your customer all the possible consequences that may result if the account is not paid in full Ė immediately.  At Peak Financial, we hire only seasoned and professional collectors that have the knowledge and experience to persuade your customers to pay in full, while at the same time maintaining the person's good will and your company's good reputation.

Call anytime for more info.


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